I know it sounds a little crazy, but gardening is putting people’s life into plant’s life.

I’m a gardener. While gardening for almost 30 years, I feel like my life is shorter each time when flowers blossom.

It is like the plant is your timer, they count down your life’s length each seasons.

But meanwhile, they also add on the width of my experience, which is consist of, but not exclusive of my life length.

Why? Because I have seen and cultivated too many plants. Plants they have their character, just like people. Some don’t like too much sunshine, some are hunger for water and nutrition. Their variety make my experience prosperous.

And planting will seldom disappoint you. You seed, you harvest, just that simple cause-effect. The plant won’t betray you if you’re treating them well.

I’m a bachelor and have no children. Now I’m old and will be buried in the earth soon, like all the seeds I have sowed. Some already dead but some will live longer than me. My last will is someone can sow my favourite seed above my ground. When people pass by, they will say, “What a gorgeous life!”.