Brain AI user study

A clinical study with neurosurgeons to assess the clinical utility of AI and its explanation

Related Publication
  1. Assessing the Clinical Utility of Artificial Intelligence Assistance and its Explanation on Glioma Grading Task
    Jin, Weina, Fatehi, Mostafa, and Hamarneh, Ghassan
    In submission to Neuro-Oncology 2022

    Weina Jin and Mostafa Fatehi are co-first authors

Prior recruitment information

The recruitment phase is ended. Thank you very much for your interest!

Study Title:

A usability study to assess the clinical utility of artificial intelligence and explainable artificial intelligence on brain tumor classification tasks

As a doctor, are you interested in using artificial intelligence in your practice?

Have you doubted the clinical utilities of AI, and whether AI can actually augment your work performance?

To find out the answer, we would like to invite you to our research:

  • This research is an online survey
  • You will read 25 MRIs for patients with gliomas, and give your judgment on the tumor grading without and with AI assistance.
  • This AI can also explain its decision by highlighting the important regions on MRI, with more red indicate the area is more importance for AI’s decision.
  • The survey will take an average of 40 min to a maximum of 1hr.
  • You will be compensated with a Amazon gift card of $50 CAD (or equivalent value) for your time and efforts.
  • Your valuable input can help the medical AI community to shape the future medical AI technologies!
  • The study is conducted by Dr. Weina Jin, Dr. Fatehi and Prof. Hamarneh, computer scientists and neurosurgeons, and is approved by the Research Ethics Board of Simon Fraser University and The University of British Columbia, Ethics Number: H20-03588

To participate in the survey, you must:

  • be a consultant neurosurgeon, radiologist, or neuro-radiologist
  • or a resident/fellow in neurosurgery, radiology, or neuro-radiology

Certificate of Ethical Approval