The End-User-Centered Explainable AI Prototyping Framework

The EUCA website contains the full content of the EUCA design framework:

Related Publications
  1. arXiv
    EUCA: the End-User-Centered Explainable AI Framework
    Jin, Weina, Fan, Jianyu, Gromala, Diane, Pasquier, Philippe, and Hamarneh, Ghassan
  2. IEEE VIS poster
    Bridging AI Developers and End Users: an End-User-Centred Explainable AI Taxonomy and Visual Vocabularies
    Jin, Weina, Carpendale, Sheelagh, Hamarneh, Ghassan, and Gromala, Diane
    In IEEE VIS 2019 Conference Poster Abstract 2019

    VIS Best Poster Presentation Award